Guests Blogger–Amber Filkins!!

Hello Reinvented fans! My name is Amber Filkins from {ae filkins}. Kimm was so gracious to let me take over her blog for today. I ♥ Kimm, and have enjoyed becoming friends over the last year. She is just great!

I struggled with what to talk about, and had so many ideas floating around in my head. I finally settled on the topic of incorporating old & new things into your home decor, since this is what I’m currently doing in my own home. I’ve always been drawn to older pieces. Vintage or antique. My grandfather has a very large antiques collection. And I’ve always loved roaming through his shops, studying and admiring all of the lovely milk glass, jars, wooden crates, etc.

Lately, I’ve been leaning more towards incorporating vintage & antiques in with my newer pieces. 
Here is one way to incorporate old & new into your home decor:

Here’s the breakdown: Old crate {free}, white luggage rack {newer}, white candle sticks {new}, World Atlas {old}, greenish/blue bottle {new}, white egg {new}, starfish {old}, screen {old}.

Don’t be afraid to mix the two!
Thanks again, Kimm! 

***I actually had so many pictures, and different examples of how to mix old & new, that I’m going to split them up into various posts, creating a mini series. Feel free to follow along over at my blog if you’re interested. I’d love to have you! 

Hey everybody, Kimm here, giving you your GREAT piece of advice for today.  Please please please check out Amber’s FABULOUS ETSY SHOP.  You won’t be disappointed!

Thanks Amber for sharing your “eye”, I love the way you think, and I love you too! 

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