Loving Laundry?

Two years ago, I CHOSE to have an ugly laundry room.  Now I’m not sure that was the best choice, ‘cuz I don’t like ugly stuff.

We had a laundry “room” that was actually the pass through from the garage to our house.  I think that these are pretty popular with builders, at least in central Ohio. 

I decided that we needed a mud room more than a first floor laundry, so we moved the washer and dryer to the basement, and converted the laundry “hall” to a mud room. 
I’m REALLY glad to have a mud room, but I want a cute laundry room too.

This weekend, I saw THIS, when perusing a Better Homes and Gardens mag.
Hmmmm…a cute basement laundry room.  Could those be DROP CLOTH WALLS?  Be. still. my. heart.
This might be my next project.  Sorry, honey, but I’ll need a new dryer. 

Meet me back here tomorrow with your Trash to Treasure projects!!  I’m so excited to share mine, the perfect example that PATIENCE is truly a virtue!

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15 thoughts on “Loving Laundry?

  1. I love laundry rooms… of course I don’t have one!! My laundry is in the garage..hummm this photo could also translate to the garage?!? I’m just sitting here imagining each time I drive into my garage and SMILING at my laundry room –

  2. What I’d give for a basement to put my laundry room in….we have the same pass thru from garage to house, laundry room, and it’s the dogs’ room, too. It’s not pretty at all……would love a pretty laundry room, too.

    That one IS pretty!

  3. I LOVE beautiful laundry rooms almost more than any other space. Funny that I should pick something so utilitarian to want to make a fuss over. I stayed at a friend’s house for a few weeks and one morning when she went grocery shopping I cleaned her laundry room for her – like dusting and mopping and organizing kind of cleaning. It’s a sickness. ;)

  4. Thanks for sharing! That is EXACTLY what I should do with my basement laundry room. I’ve been struggling for three years to figure out how to handle having the W/D in the middle of the large unfinished basement. This is perfect. :)

  5. I do have a tiny laundry room, but I’d trade it in a heartbeat for a basement. ;) LOVE that BH&G shot. It seems like everyone but me has front loaders. Wish I’d thought of that to make some counter space. :)

  6. I have a real laundry room. It’s a pass though room to our utility room but it has real doors, so I’m counting it as a room. I distressed the walls with a palm sander to give it an old timey look, not because I ran out of salvaged paint and needed a third coat. *wink*

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