An Ode to Moss


moss 003I love moss because it’s green


And it keeps my not so green thumb clean


I can “plant” moss in a Goodwill cup

moss 001

And it will still be green when the sun comes up


With a little hot glue moss can be quite clingy

2009 vacation 044 

And it makes my house look nice and Springy!


Sorry, I just HAD to.  When you’re a poet like me, sometimes the words just burst forth.




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9 thoughts on “An Ode to Moss

  1. I have missed your poetry! :D
    I’ve been using a lot of moss myself. First of all I’ve got it coming out of my ears (Ew. No, not literally I just live in a mossy place) and it brings that perfect green indoors for me.

  2. Love moss – and I love what people do with it…at the house where I took baby photos yesterday the woman had filled a fish tank half up with polished white river stones and the rest of the way with moss – I loved the look.

    I love it in your Goodwill cup.

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