Timeless Treasure Giveaway


Good news everyone!  Amber, from Timeless Treasures (see her ad right over there ———>),



Just in time for Easter and Mother’s Day gift giving.


Or, I deserve a treat any day of the year gift giving.


The winner will receive a beautiful soldered charm necklace.



IMG_4886Oh my goodness, a vintage clock face charm, a hammered and stamped charm, AND a pearl and crystal?  

Wow. wow. wow.  This would make such a beautiful keepsake.


Here’s another equally gorgeous view.

IMG_4891 Oh gosh, look at this one.


Do people write letters to the Easter bunny?  ‘Cuz I need to let someone powerful know just how BADLY I’d love to have one of these.


This next picture is not part of the giveaway, but if you know a new mom celebrating her first Mother’s Day, this is HANDS DOWN the perfect gift.

IMG_4315Do you think my 16 year old would mind if I walked around wearing her birth stats? 


Okay, guys and gals, you know how I feel about Etsy shops and talented people, so here’s what you gotta do to win:

  1. Leave a comment here giving Amber some much deserved LOVE.
  2. Visit her shop, Timeless Treasures, and leave me another comment with your favorite item.
  3. Tweet, Facebook, take out a full page newspaper ad, I don’t care, just let me know in the comments that you did.

I’ll announce the winner next Wednesday, the 24th.

Good Luck and have a fabulous weekend!  If you haven’t already visited all of the awesome Trash to Treasure projects from this week’s party, that should keep you busy while the boys watch basketball all weekend. 

Oh, yeah, and GO BUCKEYES!!!

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143 thoughts on “Timeless Treasure Giveaway

  1. My sister in law is about to have her first baby, so I think my favorite right now is the Mother’s Love. I’m seriously considering getting it for her when baby is born!

  2. I have personally ordered a Timeless Treasure as a gift and can attest to the great job Amber does! My e-mail is tina [at] narrowminded.us

  3. I love all her items. The giveaway is amazing! I love the family necklace with both the kids and the grandkids!

  4. That necklace is gorgeous. I just visited her shop for the first time and bought 2 baubles with the intent to use them as gifts, but I’ll probably keep them. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing Amber’s beautiful creations! I spend a lot of time on etsy and haven’t come across her shop before, but have now marked it as a favorite. I love her “home sweet home” pendant with the skeleton key!

  6. I love these necklaces! They are popping up everywhere, but these are unique! I will definately be showing my husband her shop for any Mother’s Day gift ideas!!

    Stacey Haney

  7. Amber is QUITE talented! SOOOO very nice! I love how so many are feminine but not dainty or too froo froo! (If that makes any sense! LOL!) Anyway, I love the mix of shapes and textures!

  8. I love the custom charm with the creating confusion to foster creativity quote on it. OH my goodness- my poor husband- I do a lot of that already! LOL

  9. It’s GORGEOUS! I think all of them are just lovely but I think moment in time and mother’s love are both awesome! Etsy is just a delight!

  10. Oh my goodness, I’m looking at the Timeless Treasures Etsy site and I can not decide on a favorite thing. I love the popbottle cap jewelry, my 5 year old would love them (she’s got a birthday coming up, hmmmmm).

  11. I like the Vintage 50’s Housewives necklace because method said I was a 2010 gal with a 1950’s soul. And that soul is sometimes snarky :)

    I wish I had Amber talent!

  12. I’m so excited about this giveaway! It’s too hard to decide which is my favorite…i know it’s not part of the giveaway – but I LOVE the necklace with the birth stats. Our baby boy is due any day…so it would be the PERFECT first Mother’s Day gift…for myself! :)

  13. I really like her stuff. Its so unique, very much my style. I checked out her shop before and I do like the moment in time. I also liked the mothers charm for a friend who is going to have a baby soon. I don’t tweet or have facebook but I do go on cafemom. I’ll put a word out about it on there. Thanks for the opportunity!

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