Trash to Treasure Tuesday—Nifty Thrifty Lamps

Remember last week when I wrote about my Budget Home Decor guidelines

And about my crush on Home Goods lamps?

Like these?

Remember Rule #1—the one about PATIENCE?


Over the last few weeks, I’ve been updating the look of our family room, refining the black and cream base, and adding my beloved red and turquoise accents. 

I added BIG ART above the sofa.

Then I started to hate these lamps.  They were really cool and kind of expensive, back when I thought you had to spend lots of money to have a pretty house.
lamps 005
I liked the wrought iron look and the parchment shade.  But now they look kind of lodgey to me.  Guess I should’ve known that when I bought them at Eddie Bauer, huh?

I’ve been looking for “new” lamps, and TRYING REALLY HARD to be patient. 

Oh, those beautiful lamps at Home Goods make a girl’s life difficult.

Finally, I found these at the Goodwill store.
lamps 001For four dollars each.  The cute kid I already had.

I bought two drum shades at Walmart for $15 each.
lamps 004

The lamps each got two coats of Heirloom White.

I covered the shade with leftover fabric from  my drop cloth drapes
curtains 002_thumb[2]

Now I have this!

lamps 003I’m in love.  Almost.  NOW I see that I need to finish the raw edge of the fabric inside.  Oops.

At least y’all aren’t worried about me being perfect, now, are ya?

Link up YOUR projects!  


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45 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—Nifty Thrifty Lamps

  1. Oooooh, I LOVE these! I’ve been trying {patiently – not my strong suit} to find some “new” lamps at the thrift store, but I SWEAR my thrift stores only have GINORMOUS lamps that are WAY TO BIG for my little house/space! Yours are perfect! Love those shades too!!

  2. It’s amazing what a little paint and some fabric scraps can do! That lamp looks brand new and very cool. You did a great job!
    I’d love it it you’d stop by for a visit sometime,
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  3. I LOVE them Kimm!! I have THE HARDEST time finding lamps at the resale shops!….I think I just can’t envision them painted…….I need to look HARDER!!

    The fabric on the shades is perfect! Ü

  4. I love your lamp!!! Great job..I can’t find Heirloom White…not at Home Depot or at Lowe’s..what is the brand? I’m with the perfect white in a spray can…sigh..

  5. I have some kind of lamp obsession – I LOVE looking at thrift store lamps.

    They turned out so beautiful! It really is about looking at the shape and not the current condition.

    Darn! You already had that cute kid? I was going to look for one my next trip to Goodwill. ;)

  6. LOOOVE the lamps! I’ve been trying to be equally patient to find some pretty lamps for my bedroom. I found some awesome ones on CL, but I haven’t heard back from the seller so I’m thinking I missed out. Yours turned out so fantastic I’m thinking I need to get myself to GW!

  7. wow! you did a super job! Looks great, i too am redoing my living room in shabby chic, furniture, fabrics, just about everything and now I have a ton to sell on ebay or craigslist. The silk dupioni drapes that were so expensive, got to sell the big, beautiful silk wing back chair has to go, the “book” table that I paid over $700 for has to go,,, oh my God, just give me the knowledge and strength to do it… lol

  8. I love the lamps. They turned out so great! And the fabric! Oh, the fabric! I love that style. Your room is coming together so well!

  9. I have this weird obsession with lamps also and am trying my hardest to be patient and find a perfect one at the thrift store, but for some reason the thrift stores around me think there lamps are just as good as department stores and price them that way. Whats a girl to do :(

    I love how you transformed these lamps. And the damask?…be still me heart.

  10. Could you please delete link #88? I posted the wrong project – yikes! Thanks so much and thanks for hosting!

    Love the new goodwill lamps! Your post was too funny and hit so close to home! I too struggle with that same patience battle, I’ve been looking for new lamps for a few months now and Home Goods makes it SOOO hard!

  11. I’m stunned at what a huge difference you made with these lamps. I have seen the “before” dozens of times at thrift stores and have never given them a second look. Now I’ll BE looking for them! Thanks for the great idea!

  12. I linked up with lamps I spray painted this summer the exact same color — great minds must think alike! Yours turned out beautifully, and I love how you tied in the damask fabric from your drapes. Gorgeous :-) Come visit me at Big Doll’s Boomtown and check out mine!

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