Free Spring Centerpiece




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I know that it’s spring now, just give me a second, and I’ll get to the point.


I promise.


In the WINTER, I went to the Dollar Tree, and then  it looked like this:


Now I’m decorating for SPRING at my house, even though the temperature outside is in the 40’s. 


Yesterday it was 80.  Go figure. 


So, I found a cute little nest in my stash that my friend Melissa sent me, and some moss.


Did you know that I {HEART} moss?





spring break 2010 094

Still my mostly black and cream color scheme.  With a little green, a little “dirt”, a little SPRING.


Now if only Mother Nature would cooperate.


Anyone seen the Laundry Fairy?  I’ve been calling and calling, but she won’t pick up.

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