The How-To Gal Does Turqoise TP Art

Folks, you are not going to believe THIS.  Prepare to be shocked and amazed.

Seriously.  I do not use the word FOLKS lightly. 

One of the ways I’m managing my new job AND my blog is having others do my work for me having guest bloggers.  I am thrilled to have The How-To Gal here today, to share an AMAZING trash to treasure project with you.

I am very excited to be guest posting on Reinvented! Kimm and her thrifty creations have inspired me from the very beginning of The How-To Gal. Today she has asked me to share with you a literal trash to treasure idea. And what could be more of a trash to treasure Cinderella story than turning toilet paper rolls into beautiful wall art?

Trash to Treasure- Turquoise TP Art

What you need:

•Toilet Paper Rolls- the number depends on how large your creation will be

•Tacky Glue


•Spray Paint

•3M Wall Mount Squares

•Patience :)

Gather toilet paper rolls. I used about 28 rolls for this project. Paper towel rolls count for approx. three regular sized rolls.

Squish your rolls

Cut slices of the roll to desired thickness. I cut mine into varying 1/2 inch slices and was able to get 12 slices from each roll.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have enough pieces.

Begin gluing pieces together. I tried to put most of my glue on the tip of the piece.

Attach slices together in the form of a four petal flower.

Your finished flower should look like this. Repeat step 6 until you have five completed flowers. Let dry.

Beginning attaching flowers together. The toilet paper rolls are pretty pliable at this point, so attempt to line the petals up exactly to form perfect circles.

Attach five flowers together to form a row and then repeat steps 6-9 until you have as many rows as you want. Then glue those rows together. I glued four rows together at a time to create a 5×4 flower grid and ending up making five grids. Finally, I took them out to the garage and spray painted them!

Here is the finished project hung on the wall with 3M mounting squares. Beautiful, right??

Believe it or not, I created another toilet paper creation that hangs on my mantle HERE.

Thank you Kimm for giving me this opportunity! Now start gathering those TP rolls and start gluing!!

At The How-To Gal, I love creating something fantastic out of something forgotten or misused in the past. Having beautiful things doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for them. Through creative means and a little elbow grease, I believe anything can be beautified. I hope you will join me in my journey to transform the ordinary into one-of-a-kind

Thanks How-To Gal!   Note to my loyal, wonderful, fabulous readers:  Thanks so much for your great advice yesterday.  If you suggested a cleaning lady, I think you’re a genius, and my husband no longer likes you, just so ya know. 

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34 thoughts on “The How-To Gal Does Turqoise TP Art

  1. I was really thinking, “Toilet paper rolls-you’re kidding, right?” I mean, I taught preschool and elementary and I have SEEN some tp roll crafts. EEEE!!!! BUT WOW, this is impressive! I have a HUGE empty space in my living room; time to start collecting tp rolls!

  2. Well Holy CRAFTY COW! I’ve never ever thought you could make something so GORGEOUS from something so basic. How on Earth did you think of such a UNIQUE project? SOOOO truly perfect for EARTH day too! I LOVE it and I think you are a CRAFT QUEEN!

  3. This is awesome. I decorated a wreath with squished and cut TP rolls but nothing on such a grand scale as this. How many others are going to start hoarding empty TP rolls now?

  4. @Who Said Nothing in Life is Free

    I have made two different versions of this TP art and had different results with both. The art you see pictured in this post did start to sag, but that was mainly my fault in the way that I hung it. If you make sure to properly support the structure with pins, nails, etc, all along the top, it should be fine. The TP art I made for my fireplace mantel, which you can see here is still going strong and looks fabulous.

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