My Mantle’s At A Party


Yep, I just posted about 10 minutes ago, but I forgot that the Nester is having a mantle party, and I just COULDN’T miss it.


You don’t miss a party at the Nester’s.  Ya just don’t.


Besides, I’m sure that the only reason she’s having this fabulous party is because she wants to see mantles with entirely too many LETTERS on them.


mantel 001I really think that mirrors look beautiful hung above mantels.  Except in pictures, when they look awful.


up, three 005I. LIKE. B’s.  Red shiny B’s.  Aged and glazed aqua B’s.  Even B’s dressed in polka dots.

bird 001

And I like birds.  And old wooden spools that cost a buck.  And candles and moss.


Have you heard how I feel about moss?


I’m done talking now.  You’re welcome.

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21 thoughts on “My Mantle’s At A Party

  1. I’m with everyone else, Love the letters! And does the polka dot in the little B match the polka dots around the candles? Sooooo cute! (and symmetrical, polka dot wise, enough to soothe my OCD’ness, LOL!)

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