Playing with Paper


Sometimes I wish I could go back to second grade.  Coloring, cutting, and pasting are some of my favorite things to do. 


Maybe that’s why I repaint the walls in my house so often.


My husband will be glad to know that there’s a good reason for this, one that comes from my childhood.


‘Cuz THAT means I can’t help it.  Right?


I spent all weekend cleaning my house.  At one point on Sunday, I just needed to PLAY. 


AND I had this blank wall.


So I got out some scrapbook paper, my scissors and a glue stick and made some FREE wall art.


art 001I’m sure you’ll recognize my FAVORITE black and cream polka dotted paper.  I keep about 10 sheets in the house for emergencies just like this one. 

art 003I love florals in spring just as much as the next girl, but I like my flowers simpler and more graphic. 


When they can’t be fresh, that is.


Have a great Monday! 

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11 thoughts on “Playing with Paper

  1. Those turned out great! Maybe I’ll use the same excuse with my husband, huh? That might just get him off my back every time I get ‘a good idea’.

    I love that polka dot paper too! I have about 10 sheets on hand myself, I use it for everything :) Isn’t it great?

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