Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Happy spring Tuesday morning!  Welcome to Trash to Treasure Tuesday.  I was wondering this morning how many of these parties we’ve had, one of these days I’ll have to count.
Today I have some beautiful projects for mismatched teacups.  My quest for teacup projects started with the March issue of Country Living magazine, where I saw a simply awesome project that involved an old metal candelabra with vintage teacups glue to the candle spots.

It was GORGEOUS.  And I can’t find the picture anywhere.  Sigh.

I did find some others that I found equally as charming, though.
teacup-wineglass-de-84911859 Aren’t these adorable?  Just imagine sipping wine on a summer evening from such a beautiful vessel.

teapot-lamp-de-66036734OR reading a novel by lamplight.  From this gorgeous teapot and teacup lamp. 

BTW, if you’re wondering I’m STILL working on my wall of frames project.  And, yes, the laundry is finally caught up.

For, like, five minutes.
Link up those projects!

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56 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. Oh your a saint! I was just doen to my moms and she has this new obbsession with teapots. I was Trying to figure out what we could do with all of them….Thanks for hosting!

  2. Very fun looking at all the things….this week I linked a project that isn’t decore…but scraps of fabric that would go to the trash reinvented to a useful headband ;-)

  3. Thanks for all your hard work on this party. I look forward to it every week! Fabulous women with fabulous ideas! Great inspirations! You make my day a little brighter!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. I forgot to tell you I’m having my very first linky party tomorrow. I would love it if you could stop by and maybe join in. I need all the help I can get. Thanks!

  5. I made the teacup wineglasses and they are really cute, however I’m not sure I would drink a glass of merlot from one while wearing white! I cut out the candlabra/teacup photo and have collected the items to make this, as well. I’ve also used teacups/saucers to make adorable little sewing kits to give as gifts – fill them with a couple spools of neutral color thread, some needles, pins, safety pins, a needle threader, little snips, a strawberry pin cushion and an assortment of neutral color buttons – everyone I have given one of these to has loved it.

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