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Happy Friday!
You know, the other day on Trash to Treasure Tuesday, we talked about using architectural salvage in our homes.  We saw that it was good.
Well…apparently, you can do that with NEW stuff too!  Who woulda thunk it?
Don’t worry if you didn’t know this, ‘cuz I had NO IDEA.  Maybe that’s because I rarely shop in stores other than the Goodwill and the Habitat Restore.  A character flaw, I guess.

Well…a few weeks ago the wonderful people at Mirror Mate e-mailed me, asking me to try their mirror frame product. 

Mirror Mate sells custom sized mirror frames in a HUGE selection of finishes.  Like these:
Aren’t they fabulous?  This is a ROOM CHANGING product, my friends.  TRANSFORMATIONAL. 
That said, I don’t have before pictures of my bathroom, because my laptop and I are having a fight, and she won’t give up the before pics that I took.  I’m sure you can imagine the builder grade large flat mirror above the vanity.  I chose the Pemaquid style, the fourth picture above, in white.
NOW I  have THIS:
Here’s a close-up.
And another:
Isn’t it GORGEOUS?
I am infatuated with this mirror now.  I never knew that brushing and flossing could be so much FUN.  And so STYLISH. 
My friend Kimba tried one too, in the Acadia style.
Beautiful, huh?
Let me tell you how this works, k?  All you have to do is measure your mirror, all four sides.  You send your measurements to MirrorMate, along with your choice of frame.   If you’d like to see before you buy, MirrorMate will send you samples.  The mirror frame arrives in just a FEW days, with the four pieces cut to size and mitered to PERFECTLY fit your mirror.
There are step-by-step directions for assembling and hanging the frame.  The four pieces are glued at the corners, and then reinforced with small corner braces.  Each side comes with super sticky strips to mount the frame to your mirror.   You just STICK. IT. ON.  So cool.
I did have just a WEE problem with the directions, but my husband says that’s just me, and it’s not MirrorMate’s fault.  He’s probably right.  I would also advise that your  know-it-all husband humble helper be present from the beginning.  Kimba is apparently MUCH handier than me, because I needed some assistance earlier in the process than she did.  I’ve decided to love her anyway.
This is a fabulous product, and I’d highly encourage you to give it a try.  MirrorMate is making it easy for you to do just that.
They are offering a 15% discount for REINVENTED readers!  Enter the coupon code “HOUSE” to get the discount through December 2010! 
Disclaimer:  I received my frame free of charge to review this product.  I was not paid for my opinion.  I wasn’t paid to misunderstand the directions either.  Just keepin’ it real. 

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12 thoughts on “Mirror Mate Magic

  1. Are their frames made of wood or plastic? I ordered an easy to cut and install crown molding in my bathroom. it was thin cheap plastic that didn’t look any better (as promised) after I installed it or painted it. I’d love to try Mirror Mate but leery since I was burned by not seeing the another company’s product in person.

  2. I am a new reader to your blog and I love all of your ideas. I have a question though…What is the tray on the counter in your bathroom covered in? Did you buy it like that or is it paper or fabric or something? That is exactly what I am looking for for my living room. I have the tray, but I can’t find the paper I want to cover it with. Thanks!

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