Polka Dotted Projects


Got any plans for the Memorial Holiday weekend?  Besides picnics, I’m hoping to fill my time with projects. 


Projects that were previously procrastinated, in the past, and polka dotted. 


How many P-words can YOU use in one sentence?


Remember last year’s POLKA DOTTED POTS on my front porch?


Jake, front porch 005Well…one of them broke during the winter when I tried to plant a Christmas tree in it.  I guess it was a little top heavy.


So my first project is to paint another polka dot pot.  And plant some posies.  Or petunias. 


Then I might try some of these.

CLX0707POL099-dePolka dotted pin cushions.  Don’t ya just love P’s?


CLX0707POL006-dePolka dotted picnic napkins.


CLX0707POL002-deI might go on a polka dotted picnic with my polka dotted napkins wearing this polka dotted dress.  In a bigger size…


CLX0707POL012-deAnd sit on some polka dotted pillows.


CLX0707POL097-deWhile carrying my polka dotted pocket purse.


What are you doing this weekend?


(all pictures, except for my pot, are from Country Living)     

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9 thoughts on “Polka Dotted Projects

  1. I’m going to a family reunion. I might carry the polka dot buttercup bag I made as a tribute to you. Hopefully I will be able to start the corn hole boards I promised my in laws. I made the bean bags ages ago. It’s been too cold and wet to work on the boards in my unheated garage. Then there’s the filing cabinet I picked up at the Restore that needs a whole lotta love – including rebuilding one of the drawers. Or I could just sit on the porch with a icy glass of mint lemonade. That sounds nice too.

  2. Love those pillows. I keep looking at my living room and trying to come up with some sort of pillow coverings to give it a face lift.. hmmmm :)

  3. Oh this was such a sweet, fun post! I LOVE polka dots too…I am in love with the polka-dot pin cushion!!
    My daughter has a long weekend home from college. We are going to have brunch and visit the graves of her two grandpa’s…maybe we will bring ‘P’osies or ‘P’etunias or ‘P’ansies :)
    Then if the weather is nice, we live in the ‘P’acific NW… so weather here is fickle…if it is nice we are ‘p’lanning a ‘P’icnic at the ‘P’ark!!! :)

  4. I love that polka dot flower pot! I just got some wild green polka dot fabric that will be used for clothing for my sock creatures. I’ve set a goal of a creature a day for 30 days! Today, Memorial Day, is day four, and I must get to work.

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