Trash to Treasure Tuesday—More Flea Market Finds

Wordy title, anyone? 

In keeping with our “decorating with flea market finds” theme of the past two weeks…

Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you, we’re having a flea market theme for a couple of weeks.  I just decided, like five minutes ago.   

Sometimes I just have creative urges like that, and they must be nurtured. 

Anyway,   I went to My Home Ideas, JUST FOR YOU, and I typed “flea market” into the search box JUST FOR YOU. 

Yes, I went to all that trouble because I {HEART} you.  Here’s what I found.  (click here for the full list of search results)

1026161_kitchen-table_xlMatchy, matchy dining sets are so yesterday.  Gather a group of cast-offs and you’ve got perfect seating for a modern family. 

1026161_chicken-countertop_xlI love everything in this picture, but the ACTUAL flea market item is the chicken feeder turned spice rack.  I’m hoping some bleach and a scrub brush were involved.

1026161_striped-curtains_xlLove love love the seltzer bottle turned lamp.  Do you think that lampshade might be covered in chalkboard contact paper?     So cool that would be.

1026161_chalkboard_xlThis picture makes me hyperventilate.  A chalkboard in the dining room.  Swoon.  A candle chandy?  Double swoon.  Don’t even get me started on those chairs. 

1026161_bathroom-sinks_xlLook at these washstands.  They were originally made for a hospital.  Again, pass the bleach please.  How perfect for a cabin.  Aaahhh, another reason to wish I had a cabin.

There you go.  More flea market inspiration.  You’re welcome.  Now link up those projects!

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19 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday—More Flea Market Finds

  1. Hi Kimm,

    Reinvented. My entry is a bit unorthodox. It is somewhat of a personal reinvention.

    My heartfelt wish is anyone who is in need of hope, inspiration or reinvention will be blessed.

    Thank you for hosting a great party.

  2. Hi Kimm, Thanks for hosting every week. I love that green dining chair and the lights in the 2nd picture and those sinks are amazing. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  3. Oh so many things to oogle over. I’m on the hunt this year and so far, no luck. I have faith that if I keep hunting I will find good stuff. Right?

  4. your interior design pictures are really inspirational to me. i think i’m going to file them, as that yellow sink with the star just does something to my heart, and i love the look with the blackboard with the candle chandelier.. hey, i like the look of all.

    well done

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