Upcycle Those Tattered T’s


Looking for an easy weekend project? 


Need a break from cleaning out your closets? 


img_t-shirt-projects_ss1Turn your child’s treasured but too small t-shirts into a chic scarf! 


img_t-shirt-projects_ss3Make one for yourself too!  Come one, admit it, you’ve saved some treasured old T’s of yours too.


img_t-shirt-projects_ss7If you’re not into scarves, then make a pillow full of memories. 


It’s going to rain ALL weekend here in Ohio, so some serious cleaning and a little fun sewing might be just the thing.  Have fun!


Find more instructions for these projects on DIY Ideas.  

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8 thoughts on “Upcycle Those Tattered T’s

  1. The scarf is super (I’ve done something similar with the sleeves of old sweaters), but this idea is top shelf! And that’s a new take on the buttoned t-shirt pillow. Fun projects!

  2. great ideas! i saved back t-shirts from my highschool years, thinking I’d have my mother make them into a quilt someday. 20 years later, i’ve realized that’s never going to happen. i haven’t thought about that box of t shirts in years, but i was reminded of it tonight!

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