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Several of my blog friends have reviewed and RAVED about Madison Reece Designs jewelry, and I’ve been GREEN with envy.


Until I got my turn.  When Melissa contacted me about reviewing her GORGEOUS handmade rustic silver jewelry, I did cartwheels in my living room.


Not really, I am 42 years old you know.  But I was really excited.  Melissa sent me this necklace.


website-blessedbeyondmeasureOh, how I love it.  The chain is perfectly dainty, and the charms are just gorgeous.  Silvery, and full of beautiful details.


Speaking of details, can you BELIEVE this packaging?


picassos palate 005 

My necklace arrived in this adorable little tin, inside a sweet pink pouch.  I was thrilled.  And so would ANYONE you gifted a piece of Melissa’s jewelry to. 


Here are a couple of new items.  Both would make perfect gifts.



website-ruggedcross  The prices are VERY reasonable.  I was amazed to realize that such quality could be had for such great prices. 


Head over to Madison Reece Designs and pick something out for yourself or a friend! 


Have a great Wednesday, and don’t forget to check out the Trash to Treasure Tuesday projects, there’s 144 entries so far!

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6 thoughts on “Madison Reece Designs

  1. OH my! I ADORE how they have a lovely LOVED homemade yet VERY artsy feel! THANKS for sharing! FABULOUS,….I’ll be storing this info away!

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