Perfectly Proportioned Polka Dots on Pots

First of all, let me get one thing straight.  “Perfectly” and “Proportioned” are great “P” words, but they’re not EXACTLY perfectly appropriate in this post.  “Imperfectly proportioned”, or Perfectly Disproportioned” might have been more truthful, but not nearly as much FUN.

So…I’ve had a lot of questions asking me how I added the polka dots to my large black clay pots on the front porch.

polka dot flower pot

Polka Dot Flower Pot

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So darn it, I’m going to share.  How nice is that?

Let’s just say first that I think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to free hand paint a perfect circle.  Or even a beautifully imperfect circle.  You know how we always say we don’t want a project to turn out perfectly, because we like the “handcrafted” look?

Well, that rule does not apply to POLKA DOTS.

Normally, I’d use a stencil, but that’s difficult when you want to cover a surface with the same shape.  Or I might trace around a glass or something round, but that’s pretty hard on a curved surface.

I decided to try these round stencil sponge thingies.  You know, since they’re round.  Like dots.

polka 001


They are meant for pouncing paint through a stencil, but they work pretty well for stamping.

polka 003


I also picked up some multisurface craft paint.  I chose a creamy white, but you can choose any color you like.

The first step, of course, is the base color.  I used whatever black spray paint I had on hand.
polka 004
Then you just start stamping.  Pour a little paint on a paper plate, and lightly dip the sponge in.  I like to stamp the paint on, then rotate the brush just a little to make sure the entire circle shows up.

polka 006

I don’t do anything crazy, like measuring,  The engineer handles all of the measuring around here, for obvious reasons.  ;)  I just eyeball the distance and try to space the dots out evenly.


polka 005
I like to stamp a few partial dots on the edges of the pot.
polka 007

Now, I know that you’re wondering what to do with those spongey marks in the dots.  I just use a paint brush to clean up the edges and smooth out the spongey marks.

Don’t worry if it’s not 100% spot on (pun totally intended) PERFECT, as long as the dots look good from the sidewalk, you’re GOOD.  I get lots of compliments from people walking by, not so many from people that actually come up on the porch.  :)

Thank you so much for visiting!  Happy painting!

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13 thoughts on “Perfectly Proportioned Polka Dots on Pots

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing. Such a simple yet effective tip for polka dots — something I’ve always stayed away from for all the reasons you mentioned. Now I’m wondering what I can polka dot… thanks! :)

  2. I did some pots with polka dots a couple years ago for my daughters graduation party in blue and white. They were really cute and got lots of compliments, but I wish I’d known you’re technique then! I painted the pots white first, then put adhesive dots on and painted blue. The dots kept pulling the paint off and I had to do a ton of touch up. Yours turned out so cute!

  3. Love the black and white polka dots! I’ve made polka dots using round garage sale stickers. I paint the pot the base color, let it dry completely, place the stickers and then apply the second coat. Peel off the stickers and voila, perfect polka dots!

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