Trash to Treasure Tuesday


Happy Tuesday! 


Get ready folks, I’m about to share the SIMPLEST, EASIEST trash to treasure transformation EVER.  Probably the most boring too, but I hope you’ll stick around anyway.


Remember these plaques I got in a $1 box of garage sale loot?


Rachel's Party 006They’re not exactly UGLY, the colors just don’t fit with our decor. 


Out came my bestie, Heirloom White.  I swear, friends, this color has changed.  the  my.  world. 


I walk around my home LOOKING for things to spray paint.  Last week I even bought a QUART of my fave.  You know, just for emergencies. 


I’m thinking of using it on the dog.


Rachel's Party 007Here they are after a quick coat.  Better, but not finished.


So I got out my friend Ralph.  Smokey Ralph Lauren glaze, I mean.



Rachel's Party 008


Rachel's Party 009Ta Da!  Now these beauties will fit in anywhere. 


Don’t get me wrong, I KNOW that 1,350,395 people have painted and glazed trashy finds. 


But the transformation still THRILLS me.  EVERY TIME.


Link up those projects!!

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35 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. I’m new to reinventing and I have to tell you that as a newbie, I think you are AMAZING! I don’t have the vision to do that! They turned out so good and I can’t believe how much better they look! I have to start looking at junk through the eyes of a spray paint can. For those of us who are “new” to this skill, could you link us up where to find this heirloom white so that we know exactly what brand and where to buy it? Same with the Ralph glaze? Sorry to ask dumb questions but I’m a rat in maze when it comes to looking for this kind of stuff.
    THANKS! You are VERY inspiring!

  2. Thanks for hosting! Glad to have found you…I am now following!
    I think those are am amazing transformation…easy or not…and they would look awesome in the bathroom I’m trying to transform! :-)
    Have a great week!

  3. Hi! I’m a new follower and am linking up to your party for the first time (can lid gift tags). I love the new look of your tiles and am so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I’ve got two dogs laying at my feet that would love pretty cute with a coat of heirloom white…

    Thank you for hosting and enjoy the week! :)


  4. You know what though, the paint n’ glaze works every time. I just love it. I am always looking out for pieces that just need a coat of paint, so easy and so affordable. You really can’t beat it. :)

  5. The transformation is awesome!! And it’s new to me. I now have those two items on my need to buy list. I haven’t actually plunged into the DIY or altered item thing but I want to. So far I’ve picked up 2 cans of spray paint but haven’t had the nerve to alter anything yet. LOL. So trust me….anything you show is new to me and I love that!

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