Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Happy Tuesday my friends! 

Today is an unfinished version of Trash to Treasure Tuesday. 

As in, my project is unfinished. 

So, what else is new?

I’ve been working on this frame collage wall in our stairwell for AWHILE now.  This is all I’ve got. 

Last week I found these at the Goodwill store.

The small frames look great painted black, but it’s hard to see the detail in the photo above.  I’ve also painted the butterfly plaque, and plan to add a monogram before it finds its place. 
I’d really like to find some oval frames to contrast with all those right angles, but WAY less people donate oval frames than square ones.  That’s a TOTALLY scientific observation, by the way.

The Nester’s frame wall looks like this.
She says that hers isn’t finished either.  So…I figure if I’m not finishing the same project that the Nester isn’t finishing, then I’m good.
Got it?

Let’s ignore the fact that The Nester is NOT finishing her frame collage a LOT BETTER than I’m not finishing mine, umkay?

Link up to the party, and thanks for stopping by!

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35 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. What a GREAT idea!! I don’t have any posts to link that are appropriate to the topic, but you remind me of one I’ve been meaning to write about a little table I refinished.

  2. It’s looking great so far. I can’t even count how many almost finished projects I have. We should have a “in the process” party. Thanks for hosting.

  3. I think I could write a book on unfinished projects, lol. In fact, I linked up a project from a couple weeks ago! I did drag out some roadkill rescue from the shed, swept it off, even cleaned it, but didn’t like the spray paint color choices at hand. Back into the shed til the weekend!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. Love your blog party! I think we can ALL relate to unfinished projects. I have added your link party to my Linky Love Library page on my blog. Thanks for hosting.

    ~Lori@live,laugh,love,create :)

  5. I think your frame wall is going to look great! You are farther along on your frame project than I am on mine…I’ve been collecting frames for a particular project, but then I keep using them for other projects instead. ;)

    Thanks for hosting! :o)

  6. Hi Kimm :-)
    chuckle, chuckle … we were visiting some people whom had a display similar to this in a long hallway. My sons (whom are now all in their twenties) thought that it looked like a “create your own masterpiece for us” area. They were sure that a bucket full of colored markers had to be sitting somewhere nearby ;-p

    Thanks for hosting this so that I could link up and do a ‘show + tell’ of what I recently reinvented!

  7. I’ve been thinking about doing a frame collection somewhere, but I wasn’t sure where I should do it. Most of my wall space has already been taken, but I could totally do my stairwell! Thanks for sharing and also for hosting the party!

  8. Hi Kimm-
    Thanks for hosting the party and the invite to do so. I think all decortating projects should evolve. They turn out better when we have time to think them through and find just the right item or idea. Looking forward to seeing how your wall turns out.

  9. I just started blogging last month and can’t wait to participate in this fun event.
    I had a framed staircase like the one you’re putting together in my previous home…I have a pic posted on my blog if you’d like to take a peek…Unfortunately there’s no place to display my frames in my new 700sqft condo, so they’ll remain in storage for a while :(
    It takes a while to collect all the right frames so don’t get discouraged, you’ll get there!

  10. The picture less frames remind me of decorating a wall with molding. I’m not sure if you would be able to achieve the different shapes that you want by using molding.

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