“Done” is a Four Letter Word


Do you get this question:  “When are you going to be DONE?”


As in “done decorating?” 


Uhh, excuse me?  I’m thinking that my coffin will need updates from time to time, and even though heaven is perfect, a little tweaking of the accessories never hurt anyone.


Let’s start with my family room.  I thought it was done.  My husband thought  hoped it was done.  Even the kids thought it was done. 

But it just didn’t sit right with ME.  The red, taupe and black color scheme was a little cold.  It didn’t say “COME ON IN AND MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE”, it said “BRING A BLANKET, BECAUSE I’M A LITTLE CHILLY.” 


The unrest had been brewing, but I decided to make some changes when I met this pillow at Kohl’s.


Done 004Good grief, that couch cushion is looking a little shabby. 

Anyway, this pillow starting calling to me.  AND I had a 30% off coupon.  I loved the casual, almost cottagey look, and the red with shades of brown.  Hmmm…brown is warmer than black, I thought. 

Brown is the color of dirt.  PERFECT for a family of six and a slobbery boxer that thinks he’s the 5th child. 


So…you know where this is going, don’t you?


I decided to change up the entire room, adding brown accents and easing up on the black. 

So, now these are moving to the dining room.


Done 006 More on the dining room later, I’m not “DONE” there either.  :)


I bought more drop cloths and THIS beautiful brown fabric to make pillows and drapes.


Done 008It’s Premier Prints from Fabric.com.  Love their selection and their prices.  (nope, they didn’t pay me to say that)


I’m planning to sew this weekend, so stay tuned! 


What rooms in your home aren’t “DONE”? 

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9 thoughts on ““Done” is a Four Letter Word

  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    You have such a cute blog. Cute Ideas. Love the fabric; can’t wait to see the pillows and drapes you make. Thanks again!

  2. Being done is fun only temporarily. I love the feeling of finishing something but also love starting something up. It’s sort of thrilling, isn’t it?

    Love your pillow and colors you are working with. Happy sewing.

  3. Wow, I was THRILLED that you are blogging again! Your blog was the first decorating blog I discovered when I barely knew what blogging was. I read it every. single. day. So keep on decorating, girl, lots of us are watching!

  4. That is so funny! I don’t think we’re ever ‘done’! My husband spotted some black and white toile hand towels in Target and he thought for sure I was going to want them…I just looked at him and asked if he REALLY wanted me to re-decorate the entire bathroom so it matched the towels. He put them down really quickly lol.

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