I’m Back, If You’ll Have Me

So…I’ve missed you all somethin’ FIERCE.

I haven’t posted since last AUGUST. 

You see…I took an extended break from blogging because I am working full time now and I was pretty sure that I couldn’t do both.

But apparently I NEED to do both, because I can’t stand to be away from here anymore.  I miss sharing, being shared with, commenting, and even taking pictures. 

This place feeds my creative side, and my friends, that part of me is PARCHED.  I want to make stuff again, paint stuff again, pull stuff out of strangers’ trash cans again (geez, did I just say that?), and yes, talk about it all with you. 


It’s okay, I’ll wait.

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65 thoughts on “I’m Back, If You’ll Have Me

  1. Welcome back!! Some weeks I write 3 to 4 times some weeks none….but I would miss sharing too if I wrote NEVER….just write/share when you can..that’s what keeps me sane…I can’t keep a schedule to save my life….

  2. Wow! A couple of months ago I wrote to you because I came upon your old blog and tried to join. You wrote me very sweet note. BUT! Just TODAY I came upon that note and a few of your old postings that I found on Blogsearch! Did you hear me typing or something???

    Welcome back!

  3. Good to see you’re back. I understand the pressure that can come with blogging! I try to write my posts when I’m feeling inspired and then schedule them out during the week so I don’t post four things on one day and then nothing for the rest of the week.

  4. YES, I am still here !! So glad you are back !! Can’t wait to see and hear all about you and what you are up to :-) Janeen D.

  5. Glad to see you back! Trying to keep all the plates in the air is hard doing – we love seeing you when you can make it to blogland and will miss you when you cannot but understand completely!

    bee blessed

  6. You and REINVENTED were still in my reader, so you never went away. Glad to see you posting again. No forgiveness needed — I honestly don’t know how all you bloggers do it. Blog as the feeling moves you.

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