On Patience and Inspiration


I can’t inspire you with “FINISHED” today. 


That’s because my new family room drapes still look like this.


fabric 001

Three cut, pressed, and ready to sew pieces, and one WRINKLY, messy, holding me back piece.


I’m trying to be patient with myself and work on a little each night.  But I’m not very patient.


Whenever I need a little inspiration I scour the internet for photos of great rooms. 


Like this one.






I {heart} this room.  My favorite color combo, beautiful detail on the drapes, great pattern and a little something unexpected.  I love the prints propped in the window.


Great photos of gorgeous rooms inspire me to keep working, keep tweaking, keep creating the home that works for my family and feeds our souls.


One unfinished project at a time.

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4 thoughts on “On Patience and Inspiration

  1. From a past lurker, I can relate to how your curtains look right now. Between working full time and family obligations, I rarely get a big enough chunk of time to complete anything in one (or two or three) sittings. My mind can plan things so much faster than I can accomplish them! Your projects turn out wonderful! I hope you keep on keeping on :)

  2. I second that!! Days just seem to fly by and projects pile up!! If I’m not careful I change my mind before they are ever completed…especially if it has to do with decorating!

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