Spring Forward and A Look Back


About a year ago,  in a moment of extreme weakness,  I wrote a love poem.


To MOSS.  I blamed it on an extreme case of spring fever. 


Apparently, I am similarly afflicted this year.  I think it has something to do with the INCHES of ice we have on the ground. 


A few strategically placed mounds of moss are a great way to add a little GREEN to your décor before the weather cooperates. 


moss letter

Monogram your front door with a moss letter.  (from glueguncrafts.com)



Make a mossy chandelier for your next outdoor meal (from Good Housekeeping).  Ohhh, I can’t wait for outdoor meals… 


moss 001



moss 002




moss 003


Just tuck a little here and there to remind you that someday your prince SPRING will come. 


Sorry, I forgot, my prince is already here, it’s spring I’m waiting on.  See, the fever’s got me.


***We have a winner in the Jones Design Company Giveaway!!

Christina from Christina’s Adventures!!   Congrats Christina, Look for an e-mail from me soon.

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6 thoughts on “Spring Forward and A Look Back

  1. I agree! I needed a smile and your post did it! I stayed up til 3 last night trying to understand this whole blogging process! I have my site– just not computer savvy enough to get it going…I hope to be like you one day Soon!

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