Banishing Boring Backsplashes

Do you have a boring backspash in your kitchen?  Maybe you completed a fabulous kitchen makeover and you’ve got a charming beadboard backsplash or you’ve installed sleek and sparkly glass tile.
Or maybe you’re just like me, living in a builder grade house and brainstorming ways to add character and color where there is none.
My kitchen backsplash is covered in square white tiles.  Blah.  Last year I added a message center to help corral those little pieces of paper that seem to multiply on their own.  I succeeded in covering up some of the tile.

memo boards 001
That helped a little.  Read the full post here

What else could we hang on our backsplashes to pretty them up?

  1. How about plates?  Colorful china would perk up the most boring of tile jobs.
  2. Small frames filled with scrapbook paper, postcards, small art or fabric would be cute and economical.
  3. Chalkboards?  What a great way to leave a note or jot down a recipe idea.
  4. You could also attach a metallic surface (sheet metal?) and hang photos, notes or postcards with magnets.  Check out these heirloom bling magnets at Just a Girl.

(Wondering how you’d attach decorative objects to ceramic tile?  I used 3M command strips.)


Check out these platters!  They could be hung up or just propped like in this eclectic kitchen.  Love those industrial inspired open shelves!

Please share your creative backsplash ideas!

Find a couple of GREAT backsplash ideas at Creating Balance!

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4 thoughts on “Banishing Boring Backsplashes

  1. I’m hoping to create a back splash that I can take down to clean and take with me when I move! I have a small section above my sink that is a painted wall and is hard to clean. The other area is behind my stove top and I’d like to make something colorful that I can hang but remove when it needs cleaning because once again, it’s hard to reach.If it’s tile it seems like it would be too heavy and it appears as though the tin tiles would hold the grunge. Any ideas out there?

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