Flea Market Wish List


It’s that time of year again…


Saturday morning I’m visiting my first flea market of this new season.  I’m going with Shannon, from The Other Gabor Sister, and I’m pretty sure she’s gonna teach me a thing or two about flea marketing. 


Last year I posted my flea market wish list, so I thought it might be fun to do again. 

Just for the record, I didn’t find everything on last year’s list, so I’m hoping I’ll do better in 2011.



Looove me some plates as wall art.  My taste is a leettle more neutral than this display, but I am intrigued by the mismatched look.



Vintage botanical plates + ceiling medallion frames = LOVE


So…we can conclude I’m always looking for PLATES.  What else?


Anything architectural, like shutters…



and doors…



Always love my letters.   I’d pick“B”s, of course.



Every room should have some metallics, don’t you think?  These old grates make fantastic candle sconces.


I think this list will get me started!  What are you hunting for?


(all pictures from Better Homes and Gardens)


Be sure to stop back on Friday for a JEWEL OF A GIVEAWAY!!

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9 thoughts on “Flea Market Wish List

  1. good luck finding a treasure! The gold “N” in that letter picture I think comes from Hobby Lobby – I bought a “K” for my daughter’s room and a “B” for my office – I think they were $10 – but I got them for 50% off :)

  2. I am excited to hit the flea market with you! Hope I can help you find those treasures! I can certainly help with the shutters, as I have a pair I picked up the other day! This is going to be so fun!

  3. For some unique B’s, look for metal lyre wallhangings (I’ve got a few of these in my booth – if you’re not sure sure what I mean, let me know and i can send you a pic). Turned on its side it makes a cool B. I used one when I spelled out our last name in our entryway out of various flea market items. These could also be an M, W, E or even an A depending on how they are humg and what else is hung around it!

    Good luck on your search!!

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