Pondering Painted Wood


As much as I can appreciate the natural beauty of stained wood furniture, I prefer mine painted.  And, of course, if the paint is beginning to wear off, all the better. 


I know that many of you are with me here, but my poor Grandma, she just shakes her head.  Totally doesn’t get the “chippy” thing.  In her day if furniture looked like that you refinished it. 


Here’s an inspiring “BEFORE AND AFTER” from Better Homes and Gardens.

Doesn’t this entry just scream SPRING?  Okay, maybe not scream, but it does speak pretty emphatically.  Gotta love a coat of fresh, white paint.


I really love  how a coat of paint shows off the beautiful details of a piece. 


That was precisely my goal when I repainted our nightstands.  When I updated our bedroom I originally painted the two tables white, and although they were beautiful, the stark white didn’t really fit with the cozy and warm feeling I was going for.


megan concert 017


I wanted to bring more chocolate brown into the room, so I painted the top brown and the base heirloom white.  I also {heart} the two tone look.  I added a glaze to REALLY bring out the details  Love it.  This is my side, ‘cuz I neeeeed space.  (yes, I cleaned off the table before I shot the pic!)


megan concert 021

(sorry, flash photography alert)

This is hubby’s side, I just love the curvy legs.  I even added a chip for character.  (He’s a minimalist, so I only had to remove an alarm clock and a snapshot of us to take this.)


My next project is to paint our kitchen table, I can’t stand the orangey oak look much longer.  That’s a big project, though, and will probably require preparation and planning.  I am NOT GOOD at preparation and planning, but I’m gonna try.  Wish me luck! 

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6 thoughts on “Pondering Painted Wood

  1. I am of the same opinion…PAINT IT! Love the finish.
    Sent you an email when I discovered we have a common friend and live in the same town! Would love to chat.
    Fondly – Shannon@theothergaborsister

  2. I have some painted furniture and some with wood stain, it depends on the piece of furniture. I love my painted kitchen cabinets, I much prefer them over the light oak stain they were.

    Good luck with your table project!

  3. Good luck with your kitchen table! I agree that many wood pieces are best painted. Subtle changes in light on painted pieces with curves and machined edges can really high a piece, and the whole look of a room can be changed by painting one item.

  4. Great post. Loving seeing what you’re doing, it’s very inspiring! About your kitchen table…I’m considering doing the same thing, but am a novice at this whole thing. Any advise for where to find some step by step instructions? Anything I should consider before I jump in? Thanks!

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