Signs of Spring

I’ve noticed a few tell-tale signs of spring at my house. 


The trees have beautiful little buds.


new camera 004



Gerbera daisies are on sale at the market in my favorite color.

new camera 019



new camera 022

I started painting everything Heirloom White again. 


The urge hits me every year.  These candlesticks were given to me and were originally a faux mercury glass finish.


In the fall I painted them black.


drapes 003

Now that things are slowly warming up and I think I just might survive this year’s bout of seasonal affective disorder, they were lookin’ a little gloomy in their darkness. 


megan concert 001


Look out, friends, I’ve got a WHOLE QUART.

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3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. I am just like you, I love painting things white. Although I think I might have rather kept the mercury glass color on those, but I really like how they turned out. Ever thought about painting them some pop-color, like high gloss red, yellow or blue?

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