Treasured Numbers Art


As Mother’s Day approaches, the search begins for  meaningful gifts to surprise and delight those important ladies in our lives. 


Last year, my mom made this for me for my birthday.  This is such a great gift idea, that I thought I’d share it so that LOTS more people can be as happy as I was to receive it.


Jake's March concert 2011 010

This is a 24 inch square canvas, painted black with numbers stenciled on top.  Or maybe it was painted white, then number stickers were placed on top and then it was painted black and the stickers were peeled off to reveal the base coat, I’m not sure. 




I do know that she did a really good job, and she distressed the finish and added some stain for depth. 


AND, the best part is she used the special dates in our family.  Our wedding anniversary and the birthdays of my husband, our four children and me are included on this special art canvas.


In the words of my favorite TV chef, Ina Garten, “How cool is that?”


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4 thoughts on “Treasured Numbers Art

  1. Hi there! I honestly love the idea of the numbered canvas. Maybe I should make one too for my mom. Her house has barren walls…pretty bad. Anyway, I tried to follow you on twitter and it didn’t work. Hmm. Help!


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