Weekend Housekeeping

Happy Sunday, my friends!!  I hope that you’re enjoying some fun and fellowship this weekend. 

I’ve done a little sewing, a little cleaning, and absolute NO cooking.  I even adopted a child I’ve had my eye on.




I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, I decided to be surprised.  After a STEEP learning curve, expect pictures to get a LOT better around here.  This is my first try at a DLSR camera, so after finally saving enough pennies, I’m really excited to give it a try.



I found another great new blog this weekend too.  Darn that Kate, she’s always sending me off to get lost in deliciousness. 

If you’re thinking of doing some painting in your home, then you MUST visit Favorite Paint Colors


One more bit of bloggy housekeeping:  I am working hard at blogging, having a great time, and have decided to again accept advertising and product reviews/giveaways.  If you’re interested, please click on “Contact Me” and we’ll talk!


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Housekeeping

  1. What kind of a camera did you purchase? I am getting ready to buy a new camera but am still struggling with what kind to buy. I want one that is user friendly if there is such a thing. I love taking pictures but have always used a point and shoot. I was also wondering how you get to do reviews and giveaways? I would love to sample products and give reviews on things? I also LOVE your site….Thanks for it all..

  2. I bought a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. There is a T2i available and a T3i coming soon, but I decided to go with the more basic model that had been out longer, was a little less expensive and had great reviews on every site I visited. I would highly recommend buying a book if you’re inexperienced like me. The owner’s manual has lots of information on how to use the features, but not why to use them or when you need them. The book I bought is called “Canon Rebel T1i/500D From Snapshots to Great Shots” by Jeff Revell. There are also lots of tutorials on The Pioneer Woman’s blog.

  3. After my G10 had its tragic demise I used the insurance money and invested in a T1i. It was overwhelming so I took a class. The class was more overwhelming so I’m back to just using it on automatic. It takes great pictures but I definitely want to learn to manipulate it myself. I often think I got too much camera for my needs but, I’ll keep trying and be glad someday. Maybe I’ll figure out how to video with it too. i do know that the trick is to sit down with the book and practice, practice, practice. Which I will do when I get the time, time, time.

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