Five Favorites on Friday


Don’t ya just love “F” words? 

Nah, I’m not goin’ there.

What a crazy busy week I had, how about you?


I did have a little time to surf the net, you know, in the name of “BLOG RESEARCH”, and found a few eye-poppers and jaw droppers to share.


Like these chalkboard paint cabinet backs from Creatively Living Outside the Box.  Sooo coooool. 


spring 11 030

I thought about how fun it would be to leave my family messages inside the cupboards.  Then I realized they would have to actually get out or put away the dishes to see the notes.  Yeah.  No.  I could leave myself notes, that would be a blast.


Get yourself a bib, because you’re likely to drool over this Egg Tree makeover at Dear Lillie.




I don’t usually decorate much for Easter, and I’m not really into bunnies, this THIS, I could copy do.  And love.


My Goodwill loving heart went pitter patter over this knock your socks off fork photo holder from Pretty Handy Girl.  Wow.




Anthropologie inspired flowers made from Q-TIPS???  I just can’t fathom the creativity in Homemade Ginger’s pinkie finger.




And…the piece de resistance, and best blog title award go to:


Suzy’s Artsy-Crafty Sitcom!



You are NOT going to believe what I’m about to tell you.  This gorgeous wall art was made out of…

wait for it…

Toilet paper and paper towel rolls!

‘Nuff said.  Have a great weekend!

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