Free Art On A Shelf

Remember my fabric covered canvas and the naked shelf under it?


fabric 002

Here’s how it looks now.


osu visit 002


The piece on the right was an 80’s frame with equally 80’s “art” in it.  I just painted over the art, stenciled some flowers on, and painted the frame.


osu visit 003

I had this old frame in my stash, but it was an ugly brown color.  A couple of coats of heirloom white, and my favorite word printed on some cardstock and I’ve got instant naked shelf art!    Please try not to stare at that gaping hole in the wall.  I’ll get that filled in asap.


We have a winner in the giveaway from Glass Lion Studio

It is Tin, who said “My favorite was the blue hydrangea. It was a hard decision she has so many amazing things. What a fun givaway”

Congrats Tin, look for an e-mail from me!  Have a great day everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Free Art On A Shelf

  1. so simple and so cute! Love the candle sticks much better in white btw! Hmmm now, i’m looking around my house for something to paint white for some spring sprucing up ;-b.

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