An Old Wreath, Reinvented


Happy Monday morning!  We had a brief glimpse of summer here yesterday, with temperatures in the low 80’s.  Woohoo!  The spray paint was flying! 


Now it’s in the 60’s and raining.  Oh well, such is April in Ohio.


I did get a chance to makeover an old wreath for spring yesterday. 


I forgot (geez!) to take a before pic, but picture an old dusty grapevine wreath, in sort of a starburst shape, with fake red berries on the ends of the branches.

Got it?  Okay.


After two coats of Rustoleum’s Apple Green spray paint, and my first clumsy attempt at fabric flowers, she looks like this.  I used burlap as a “ribbon” hanger, but I’m thinking of looking for something more colorful.


  osu visit 004

Wow, think I need to clean the door?


osu visit 005

I used this fabric that I bought for outdoor pillows to make the flowers.  That, and LOTS of hot glue.


patio 007

The cream colored flower is made from drop cloth canvas.  I had a couple of flower shapes that I used for patterns.  There’s a few stitches and more hot glue on the back to give the flower some shape.


osu visit 006

That’s it!  Nothing fancy, but it adds some color to our front porch.  Now, I need to get those pillows made!!


Have a great day!

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6 thoughts on “An Old Wreath, Reinvented

  1. I love this idea of a wreath for spring…I didn’t grow up with people putting wreaths on their doors, so never think to hang them.(Odd? I grew up in Alaska…) However, I do have an old one sitting in the garage, you’ve given me some fun ideas! Thanks, Janell

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