Five Favorite Porches

My inspiration file is fat and bulging.  Full of beautiful porches.  I dream about gorgeous back porches, and me lounging about reading books.

For now, they are just dreams, but I thought I’d let you all see what images invade my mind while I sleep. 

This one is my favorite.  I love the structure, and if we ever actually build a back porch, it will look very similar to this.  The modern couches are perfect for that lounging and reading part.  And the pink candleabra?  Adorable.

There’s no better sound in the summer than the slam of a screen door.  I’m lovin’ the detail on this one.

Outdoor dining is essential.  Served on a perfectly chippy table, of course.  I could hang out in this spot all. day. long.

Oh my goodness, wouldn’t a fireplace be AWESOME?  I’m swooning over the more formal structure of this one, and I’m sure it comes with a more formal price tag. 

On this porch I could eat at that beautiful blue table, then rock and read, then eat again, then read some more.  After dark I could light those cool lanterns and read into the night.

Thanks everyone for visiting me today!   Enjoy your weekend!  I’m hoping to have some garage sale treasures to share on Monday!  

Edited to Add:  All pictures in this post from Better Homes and Gardens.

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26 thoughts on “Five Favorite Porches

  1. Love these…my favorite porch has to have a porch swing though…love the porch swing because my Grandaddy had one…memories! Sigh!


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