Signs of Spring…NOT


I gotta admit,  I’m a leeeeetle bit crabby today. 


No…not 43 year old female kind of crabby, that’s next week.  Smile

I’m angry at Mother Nature.  She forgot to send spring to Ohio.  Seriously, it’s barely 50 degrees and pouring rain.  We had record rainfall for April, and so far May has been more of the same.  Hmmph.


I thought maybe the sun would come if I made some outdoor pillows.  Maybe Mother Nature likes pillows??


Nope.  She couldn’t care less.  I was trying so hard to impress her that I messed up and sewed a wrong side to a right side.


Easter 2011 029

This is what the front looked like AFTER I sewed and BEFORE I turned the fabric “right” side out. 


This was the other side.


Easter 2011 028

Oops.  I put this one in the drawer and started over.


Easter 2011 030

Here’s the finished pillows.  Man, those chairs look BAAAD, I think the only thing holder them together is the 37 coats of spray paint. 


Did sunshine follow my “May flowers?”  Nope, I had to bring the pillows inside to keep them from getting saturated with rain.


Easter 2011 031

One of these days it will be warm and sunny.  And there will be flowers in my polka dot pots.


Then I’ll complain about how hot it is outside.  Just keepin’ it real.  Smile

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15 thoughts on “Signs of Spring…NOT

  1. I’m in Lexington, OH where the sun has only shown itself for brief moments of time in the last couple of months. I’m really ready to go postal if I don’t see some sunshine soon. Although, I did see a glorious double rainbow and sunrise this morning. That was good.
    Here’s hoping that God and Spring remember Ohio soon.

  2. I just found your blog looking for Tuesday link parties. I also know what you mean. I live outside of Cleveland, OH and yep it’s getting pretty discouraging. I sure hope we catch a break soon! I’m your latest follower!

  3. I hear you! I’m in Southwestern Ohio and the rain just won’t stop. I need some spring, soon!

    Love the pillows! Maybe they’ll do the trick. :)

  4. While I can certainly empathize with your desire for gorgeous spring weather, please keep in mind that spring brought total devastion for us here in Alabama. While I might have been whining along with you a week ago, right now I’ve been reminded that I need to be grateful to be alive and with a roof over my head. I feel guilty living in my community and being one of the few that didn’t lose power or water or property. It seems unfair that I should be untouched when so many people around me are suffering. So maybe you should be thankful that mother nature hasn’t brought spring to you yet, because maybe that was a gift to spare you from such a fate as this. Like the song says, some of God’s greatests gifts are unanswered prayers….

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