My Front Porch, Revisited



And happy birthday to my sister, Kristie. 

Apparently, when I was 2, I trick or treated hard enough to induce labor. 

In honor of one of my favorite holidays, I thought I’d share one of my favorite fall/Halloween projects from the past.  Here we go!


I have been dreaming of trying pumpkin topiaries on my front porch for YEARS, and today I decided to GO. FOR. IT.

I bought two large white gourds. I bought two medium-sized classic orange pumpkins. I bought two white mini pumpkins.

I used my craft knife to cut off the stem of the large white ones, and the medium orange ones.

Here’s what my headless pumpkin looked like. Fortunately, there’s no “guts” in a fake pumpkin. I love that.
With my trusty hot glue gun, I attached the pumpkins in a stack.

I also used a dry brush and some burnt umber paint to give the color a little softness and depth. I got out my stencils and added some letters.
I am so pleased. Almost giddy.

I painted the flip side of my “B” monogram navajo white and left the apple green on the reverse, so I can change it on a whim!


Update for 2012:  The hot glue holding the pumpkins together needs a little reinforcment each fall, but I’m ok with that. 

Have fun tonight and stay safe!

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