Five Pinterest Favorites on Friday

Hello friends!

I’m back for a little favorite sharing today.  I’m planning to make this a weekly event, and last week shared my five favorite Etsy shops.

This week I’d like to share five of my favorite pins on my “Home Decor” board. 
So, have you checked out this PInterest thing yet??  ;)

The pins on my home decor board prove that I’m a girl that knows what I like when I see it.  Every one follows my tried and true “design rules.”

See?  Texture, contrast and green stuff.  I’m nothin’ if I’m not consistent.  or predictable…
pretty. no white sofas. Modern farmhouse, Idaho. Judith Balis.

Thistlewood Farm Library

Holy moly, have you visited Thistlewood Farms yet?  You must. go. now.  well, when you’re done here would be fine…
More green, the contrast of dark wood and white walls, the texture of burlap and old brick, oh my.  I neeeeeeeed a library, just like this one.

If I could have this kitchen, I’d never ask for anything else.  Ever. 
wood cabinet, white dishes

And I’ll take THIS laundry room.  Love those charcoal walls with white shelves.  There’s that contrast again, I can’t get enough of it.

laundry room

When I’m done doing laundry, I’ll relax on this screened porch, also from Thistlewood Farms

If KariAnne would just gift me her house, I’d be in heaven. 
While I’m waiting, I’ll just keep tweaking my own house and loving every minute of it.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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