I Worship Words on Walls


Not really, but I adore alliteration…

and letters.  Letters as monograms, letters in words, letters in collages…they are the perfect kind of graphic art to me. 


I even monogrammed my front door!



I’ve found letter and word wall inspiration at my favorite blogs.


I have grand plans to recreate Emily’s “L” wall in my stairwell.  Of course, mine will have B’s. 


There are a lot of things I love about The Handmade Home’s home, and these wall words are fab.  Literally.





If you haven’t yet purchased Ashley and Jamin’s new e-book, you simply must.  (nope, I didn’t get paid to say that, just LOVE the book)


I have a couple of word projects pinned on Pinterest too.



(sorry, it looks like the link is broke on this one)


From House of Hepworths

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How do you feel about words on walls? 

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3 thoughts on “I Worship Words on Walls

  1. I only have two. One says our last name with the words remember who you are and the name you bear and right now for Thanksgiving I have the words (in wood) above my mantel that say – GIVE thanks. Other than that I don’t want it to get too trendy. I’m going to try to follow you on pinterest but I’m not sure I know how.

  2. I love words on walls. I have lots! I noticed 2 Christmases ago that I decorate in words a. lot. I have Christmas words all over at Christmas time. It just seems more meaningful to me. Then and every day.

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