Pottery Barn Style on My Budget


Good Monday morning!  I hope that you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Today I’m revisiting a craft from Christmas past, while I work on crafts of Christmas present.  This post from a couple of years ago kinda proves the whole predictability part of me.  Smile

Those of you who, like me, drool over every Pottery Barn catalog that lands in your mailbox, will appreciate today’s project.
Did you loooove these pillows?

I am smitten with the texture, the typography and the red stitching. So homey and RED. Red is my favorite color.  (see?  at least I’m consistent)

But, seriously PB, $29 for JUST THE COVER? Not in this lifetime.
I decided to make my own.
I started with this pillow, the perfect size for our leather armchair, but the colors weren’t working with the family room decor.

I got out the canvas drop cloth that I’ve been cutting up for projects, and cut two pieces. The pillow measured 12 inches by 18 inches, so I cut the canvas 14 inches by 20 inches to allow for seams.

I printed out the word PEACE on Microsoft word, using Lucida Handwriting font, at size 300.
(Tip: use the “quick draft” setting to save on ink, and print on scrap paper to save on trees!)
In this picture the letters are printed at size 400. I quickly realized that was too big, so I reprinted at 300.
I cut out each letter with my craft knife.

Using Colonial Red fabric paint, I stenciled each letter on to the canvas.
After the paint had dried, I turned the fabric “right sides in” and glued a seam on three sides.
This stuff is THE BEST.
After the “seams” dried, I stitched a border with three strands of embroidery floss on those three sides.
Then I stuffed the pillow in and sewed the bottom closed!
If I had a SEWING MACHINE (Dear Santa…) this project would have been even EASIER.
How much was my copy? ZERO DOLLARS. Zip. Nada. Nothing. It just cost me my time.
And one hole in my thumb.

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