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Friday Favorites is coming later today, but this morning let’s talk about stylish storage!  Who couldn’t use more storage? 


Useful Furniture Does Not Have To Be dull

Furnishing your home with useful accessories and storage units like shoe racks and shelving does not have to be boring. Most people will consider these items low down on their list and will probably visit their local DIY store to get something cheap and cheerful. If you have spent a lot of time, effort, and also money designing and decorating your home then you should finish it off with some of the smaller touches that can be done around the home and you can even create a focal point in a particular area.



Take for example this Shoe Tree Set Z Shoe Rack White-Violet which is designed by Mark Hark. He is a well-known designer for pushing the boundaries of contemporary and classic furniture by creating pieces that expand our ideas of what furniture should be. This Shoe rack is an example of how you could create a focal point in the hallway with this very eye-catching and imaginative design.


Let’s not stop there as you can also buy all in one shelving units. These are stand-alone pieces that support themselves and are floor standing. This Grid IV Walnut Shelf Set is an example of how you can mix Walnut and a brushed steel frame together to create a minimalist but modern masterpiece for the home. This is ideal for almost any living space whether it is a lounge, bedroom, or home office.


Last but not least why not create a comfortable corner with a giant beanbag. F4H have a range on offer that come in many different styles so that you can find one that suits your home. Yes that’s right beanbags are still in fashion and in fact are coming back in a very big way. Full-size pieces are now very common in a lot of modern homes and they can turn an unused corner into a haven to relax in during some quality quiet time for you.

To see the range at Fashion For You, visit their online shop and choose from a wide variety of styles and colours. They also have all of the furniture that has been mentioned here plus more from exclusive designers worldwide.


(Legal Language:  The above is a sponsored post.)

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