Painting Around the Christmas Tree

The Christmas season is not a good time to redecorate.  Deck the halls, yes.  Paint the walls?  not so much. 

Because of my possibly overly ambitious plans, I kinda got really behind and missed most of the fun holiday blog parties that I planned on attending.  Oh well.  I loooove my den’s new look. 
Here’s the before pic.  Complete with a stray dirty glass and a swiffer.  The blue has been there since we moved in 7 years ago.  You know I’m all about neutral walls, and this was the LAST room to change to my style.

Fall 2012 004

I LOVE the crown molding, and the double windows that face the south.  I also love the computer armoire with doors that we can close to shut out the mess, but we only close them when company’s comin’. 

Fall 2012 003
Here’s the beginnings of China Doll from Sherwin Williams.  I used their SuperPaint, which is paint and primer in one, but this dark, flat paint totally sucked it up and it took 3 coats to cover.  Ugh.  I may have cursed flat paint and the people who choose it a few times.  I understand that flat paint is a perfectly appropriate choice in some households, but with the whole 4 kids and two dogs we’ve got goin’ on here, EVERY room is a high traffic area, and I need to scrub walls.  a lot.

Fall 2012 018
Here’s a shot of my beautiful neutralized walls with black accents.  And the big rusty colored armoire that I’m going to paint black, as soon as I get around to it. 

Please excuse the flash pictures (I know, I’ve been excusing my bad pictures a lot lately, but we haven’t seen the sun much in Ohio lately.  AND I’m planning to take a photography class soon, I promise.)

Fall 2012 019
Here’s a shot of the tree that started this whole renovation.  You know, when I decided I wanted an all white and silver tree, and that the walls HAD to be painted to make that work.  yeah, it’s a slippery slope I live on.
Fall 2012 026
Wishing you all some of this.

Fall 2012 021
Have a great Monday.  Hug your kids, and say a thousand for prayers for those who can’t. 

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