An Armoire Dressed in Black

Good morning! 

My den makeover is coming along nicely, if not slowly.  I finally got the big rusty colored eyesore painted, and I’m loving the black.

Here’s the before again, lest you forget its rustiness, enhanced particularly well by flash photography.


Fall 2012 018_thumb[1]

I’m going for a mostly black and cream color scheme, so that orangey stain just didn’t jive.

blog 008

Here’s the after.  I painted it Rustoleum Canyon Black.  The great thing is, since I wanted it to look worn, I covered it completely in most places and kinda dry brushed others. so the stain shows through in spots.


blog 009

What do ya think?  This poor cabinet has seen better days, so the doors are a little crooked, but so am I, so can deal.


blog 010

The knobs are from Hobby Lobby, half price, of course, so I spent $8 for all four.  It’s hard to see the detail, but they are really cute.

blog 011

And one more pic for good measure.  I will also be using this picture for my “Help! I don’t know how to style bookshelves!” post, coming soon, for obvious reasons.  Winking smile

Have a great day, and don’t forget to enter my Pier One gift card giveaway HERE!

The winner will be drawn tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “An Armoire Dressed in Black

  1. I will surely be coming back for the bookshelf styling help! It looks great. I noticed on my sister’s distressed black furniture particular attention was paid (at the factory) to making it look worn around the knobs and edge where you put your hand to grab the door. It looks neat and I thought it was clever to think about where things get the most wear.

  2. It’s fabulous. I love the black with the stain coming through. With the bookcases on the sides it looks like built ins.
    I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog. I’m going to check out yours now.

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