Simple Valentine’s Day Mantle


Good morning friends! 

Today I’m here to share my Valentine’s Day Mantle. 

I’m not a big decorator for holidays that aren’t Christmas, but I do like to add a little touch here and there.

blog 002

Yikes, photographing mantles with windows with ugly ceiling fan lights on is d-i-f-f-i-c-u-l-t.  I strongly dislike the dark days of winter.  I promise you my walls are not the pinky-orange color that they look like here.  Smile

Anyway, I took down most of the red from my Christmas mantle, added some texture with old spools, grapevine and a pine cone, and layered a small framed heart over the chalkboard.  I love me some layers, and the curvy frame (found at my precious Goodwill) lightens things up.  The larger “tree” is your basic green foam spray painted brown and wrapped with yarn.  The smaller one is just painted cuz I got really tired of wrapping and gluing yarn.  I figured you would understand.

blog 007

Here’s a better pic with truer colors.  Those wood snowflake ornaments are a favorite. 

blog 006

Have a great Tuesday! 

Coming soon: Inspiration boards for the makeovers of my three kids’ bedrooms and a bathroom.  As soon as I figure out how to make inspiration boards on-line.  Any suggestions for a good place to go for help?

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2 thoughts on “Simple Valentine’s Day Mantle

  1. Kimm,

    I know you may have already tried it, but Pinterest is a great place for an inspiration board. Pin everything you see or think may fit.

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