Trash to Treasure Tuesday Tables

Good Tuesday morning friends!  Our “break” from winter temperatures ended yesterday and boy, is it chilly now!  Central Ohio weather is the weirdest, let me tell ya.


Anyway, chilly weather is good weather for “surfing”, so I found some great projects to share with you today.


The first is a fabulous entry table fashioned from old scrap wood.


foyer table



Isn’t that awesome?  I really struggle with decorating my foyer.  It’s kinda long and narrow, and the best spot to put a table is the narrowest.  My husband insisted on a really tiny table (something about not wanting to bruise himself walking by, whatever), so I have a fake wood one from “the grocery store that sells home décor.”   It cost $30 and it shows. 

My flea marketing, Habitat Restoring (yes, those are verbs) and thrifting adventures this spring will definitely be focused on looking for table parts. 




I have a big ole crush on this table from Kari at Thistlewood Farms too.  Or maybe I have a crush on Kari.  Or both.  yeah, it’s both.





Here’s the ultimate trash to treasure.  Have you ever seen a bedside table made from a cardboard box?  I’m thinking this wouldn’t last too long in my house. 


Thanks so much for visiting today!  Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of the Origami Owl Personalized Jewelry giveaway (click here to enter) and I’ve got ANOTHER GIVEAWAY to share!  Giveaways are THE most fun thing to do on “hump day”, don’t ya think?

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6 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday Tables

  1. Cardboard theme! I love that, and may just use it in out new guest room until we can get some enjoyable art and furnishings together. The picture is so humorous and just brings it all together! Woo hoo!
    I don’t usually blog about the interior of the house work, but if I do the cardboard I surely will!

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