Trash to Treasure Tuesday

Good morning!  I’m slowly getting into a routine in this New Year, and so far that means early morning posts! 
My next hurdle is to figure out the best time to take pictures.  I leave for work and arrive home in the dark.  Hmm…
Two of my children have taken photography classes in school.  Hmm again…it might be time to hire some child labor.
Anyway…I’m so glad that you put up with my rambling.  I know you’re sitting there wondering, “isn’t the title of the posts “Trash to Treasure”?  Where’s the treasure??
Okay, okay.  I’ll get to it.
So…the theme of my 2013 Home Goals is to add more function and character to my built in 2000 tract home.  One of the best ways to do that is to add architectural pieces and old elements from the homes of our pasts. 
Like old doors, for example.

Bench made from old door

This bench made from an old door would add history and character and age to a newer home, or that newer home’s outdoor space which might be sadly in need of some character, like mine.
I’ve heard that some people have that problem.  Ahem.

This door turned chalkboard would be an insanely cool and rustic way to welcome your guests in a foyer.  And I’m not just saying that because I know insane.  if ya know what I mean…
Platform bed

Using doors as headboards has caught on as a popular idea, and I am in love with this casual and rustic take.

I used a door for a headboard in our master bedroom, but it’s not old.  The only history behind this door is that it spent time dividing our mudroom from the rest of the house until it got in the way so we took it down, painted it, and hung it on the wall in the bedroom.  That’s just not the same, is it? 
Let’s talk.  Any owners of newer homes out there with ideas to add some character and history?

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2 thoughts on “Trash to Treasure Tuesday

  1. Very cool ideas dearie. I especially like the bench made from the old door. Wish I had a spot to put something like that. Alas, my hubby said that I had to get rid of something before I could add any more new furniture. Hmmmmm, I wonder how good it would look in the garage? lol.

  2. Some distressing and paint glazing would add a lot of character to your newer door, if your house is anything like mine all you need to do is place it in a busy area and the “distressing” will take care of itself! : )

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