I’m So Random On Tuesdays

Hi friends!

Have you wondered where I’ve been?  Ok, well, even if you haven’t, I’m here today to give up 5 random facts from my past 2 weeks.  Then we’ll get back to that decorating stuff.


Random Fact #1– My “real” job got “really” overwhelming, so I took a little blogging break to cry.  And cry I did.



Kinda like this, only I chewed all of my fingernails off first.


Random Fact #2–  I hate strongly dislike breaks from blogging.  They make me feel stale and sad.  So, what’s a girl to do?? 


I took a break from the “real” job, so I could hang out with you!   (I love my real job, really I do, it’s just hard.)


Yep, that’s right, I’m on staycation this week, cleaning and tweaking and finishing projects, and tweaking some more. 




I tweaked my front door.  This needs a little something, but I’m not sure what that is yet.  There’s not enough pattern or color.  Even though I adore polka dot washi tape.  The little chalkboard on a stick is from Michael’s.



And I added some much needed color to my mantle.  I’m hoping that if I pretend it’s spring, then it will be spring.


 Random fact #3—I gave up spending money on Home Décor for Lent.  It’s a good thing I always have a stash for “emergencies,”  but we’ll be practicing a lot of “use what you have” tweaking for the rest of these 40 days and nights.


Random fact #4—  My sweet husband gifted me with fully paid tuition to the Sheffield School of Interior Design for Valentine’s Day.  I. am. so. excited.  That guy really knows how to make a girl’s heart race. 

So far, design school looks like this:


I’m pretty sure this is NOT what it’s supposed to look like, but I’ll get there.  And I’ll get the floors dust mopped too. I have to, I promised the Fly Lady.

What, you say?  How can I possibly go to design school, work crazy hours, blog, sell Living Lockets, and take care of four kids and two dogs?  Easy peasy.  Design school is like a treat on a dessert plate.  You know how no matter how much you eat there’s always room for dessert? 


Random Fact #5—I found a new to me blog this past weekend, and I read. the. whole. thing.  Check out 5 Days 5 Ways, if you haven’t already.  I want Abbie’s hair.  and her abs. and her twins.  and her insane talent with color.  and her twins.


That’s all I got for today!  Now back to laundry and tweaking.  Have an awesome Tuesday!!

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5 thoughts on “I’m So Random On Tuesdays

  1. Oh my gosh! I thought of the same thing- paint the inside edges of the B with gold or silver.

    I also think the little backboard on a stick is too small- it’s out of scale for the B and the square. Do you have a larger blackboard you could hang from the bottom of the B? Something the size of one of the interior holes?

    Tweaking is good therapy and everything looks so yummy.

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