A Boy’s Room Reinvented

Good morning!  The last time we got together,  I shared some inspiration pics for my son’s room makeover.  Son #2, child #4, will be 11 on the 11th.  Cool, huh?

Anyway, the poor kid has lived in a room with plain gray walls (Filtered Shade by Valspar) for 5 years, decorated in early American LEGO.  I’m pretty sure he had Lego carpet installed in there one day when I wasn’t looking.

He’s been asking for a little more style (love that kid), so of course, I was happy to oblige.  Here is my first ever inspiration board from Polyvore. 

Jackson's Room MakeoverJackson’s Room Makeover by kimmatreinvented on Polyvore

 Don’t judge.  I played around for AWHILE to get it this good.  ;)

The dog folk art poster was my starting point for the room, found at Hobby Lobby.  It’s large and will make a great focal point hung in the center of the striped wall.  We found the bean bag chair at Target.  The red metal locker basket is from Land of Nod, so that concept will have to be budgetized, cuz I can’t spend $25 on one basket.  And I’m loving that “J” covered in Legos.
What do we have done?  Well…
THESE took MUCH longer than I thought they would.  I guess that’s what happens when you pair an engineer with a lover of instant gratification.  Can you guess which one is me?
I adore the finished product, though, so I took two pictures.  The darker stripe is Argo from Sherwin Williams.  This color will be the wall color for my next project, the kids’ bathroom.
Anyway…my husband and son embarked a few weeks ago on a furniture adventure to buidt a cabinet to house video games.  They spent a little time perusing Ana White‘s book, The Handbuilt Home, and decided on this “secretary.”
Great job, don’t you think?  It’s sitting in my dining room waiting for the finisher to get to it. 
Oh wait, I’m the finisher.  

Meet my project for THIS weekend.  It will be painted black, just like the cabinet in the inspiration picture.  
Thanks for visiting, have a great day! 

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4 thoughts on “A Boy’s Room Reinvented

  1. I love the desk drawer combination AND the idea that your boy asked for more style! I have a love for black folk art finishes but have found that the show every crumb and piece of dust, not my speed. I try to choose very high croma dark colors now- blue-black, green black… and a matte finish of polyurethane on the paint to make the wipe off easy for kiddos.

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