A Mossy Monogram

Remember when I was on staycation and I changed up my front door décor?

feb blog 001

I never was thrilled with it.  Too much white, too big of a frame and too small of a cute chalkboard.

So off to Pinterest and my favorite blogs I went.


At Design, Dining and Diapers, I found this mossy monogram.



Oh how I love this.  The “planked” background is made from wood shims.

After quick trips to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby, I was ready to copy this fabulous idea.

door project 001

I got a nice pile of shims for $3.99.  It took me a few minutes to pick out the good ones.

door project 002

I laid two of them horizontally and hot glued on the vertical pieces, alternating the shims.

door project 003

Next came a seriously haphazard coat of ASCP in Old White. 

I attached the moss to the B with Mod Podge mostly, and a little hot glue for insurance.  Do you love that striped burlap ribbon?  I might have squealed when I found that.

door project 004


Here it is on my front door.  You can tell I was losing light.  Fast.

door project 005

It was still just a little plain for me, so I added one final touch.


door project 007

The mini chalkboard and washi tape. 

I’m happy now.  What’s on your front door for spring?


Taryn, at Design, Dining and Diapers has a great post with 20 Easter Egg decorating ideas too, check it out!

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