Does Spring Cleaning Bring Spring?

Hi everyone!  Today it actually looks like spring may arrive at some point in central Ohio, so I’m making plans.


Spring cleaning plans. 


I invited Jenny Wilson, from the blog Clever Cleaning Tips,  here to today to share some tips for organizing our cleaning schedules.  You know, cuz organizing our cleaning makes more time for important stuff. Like garage sailing and thrifting and antiquing.


Take it away Jenny!





It is very nearly springtime, and for millions of people around the world, that can mean only one thing – it is time for spring cleaning! That being the case, it might be a good idea to start thinking about putting together a good schedule for cleaning your house. If properly put together, a good cleaning schedule can keep your home neat, tidy, and organized throughout the entire year. And if properly followed, the schedule can make spring cleaning easier and faster, and even eliminate the need for it completely.

The first step in creating an efficient and thorough cleaning schedule is to list all the cleaning chores that have to be done on a regular basis throughout your home. Give this list some real thought, because it is going to serve as the basis upon which you build your cleaning schedule. Make sure also to list any cleaning supplies or equipment you might need next to each task.

After the list is complete, break the list down into the frequency with which each task needs to be completed – daily, weekly, monthly, etc. When that is done, separate the chores into individual rooms, such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and so on. When you are done with this, you are ready to start adding your categorized list of chores to a calendar. Enter the lists onto your computer, print them out, put the sheets into a binder, and then you’re ready to go.

By creating this schedule, you do yourself many favors. If you stick to it, you will soon have that ideal, clean home that you’ve always wanted, which means less stress for you and your family. Since you won’t have to waste precious minutes or even hours trying to figure out what needs to be done each time you want to clean, you will become more efficient with your cleaning routine. Another benefit to listing all your chores in such an organized manner is it enables you to more easily assign tasks to the family. After all, more hands means less work per person. Especially for the kids, it is a great way to get them involved and teach them responsibility.

One more thing to keep in mind when putting together a good house cleaning schedule. The biggest key to success is to be disciplined with it. Stick to your schedule. If it is on your calendar, do it. Once you get into the habit of following an established routine, you’ll find that it soon becomes second nature.

About the Author: Jenny Wilson is a full time mom and blogger who loves keeping her home clean and green. Jenny draws on her former cleaning services experience to share expert cleaning advice on her blog, CleverCleaningTips. She is also a firm believer that, with the right mindset, cleaning can be both easy and fun. Smile

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