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Hi all!  I have a MAJOR case of spring fever, how about you?  I had resigned myself to the fact that groundhogs don’t know what they are talking about, until Day Light Savings Time Day got here (yes, it’s like a holiday at my house), and it was 70 DEGREES and beautiful.

And up went the fever.  seriously.

So I did the first thing every girl does when spring weather arrives. 


I bought spray paint.


We only got that one glorious day, but it was enough to inspire me for flea market/garage sale season.

I. can’t. wait.

So I thought I’d share a few inspirational pins from my “REINVENTIONS” Pinterest board.  I’ll use this board as a shopping list.  To keep me focused.  You know, so that things don’t get outta hand.


The first items I’ll be on the hunt for are the pieces to build me one of these:

foyer table



This is exactly what I want for our foyer.  Rustic perfection, and shallow enough to fit in a tight spot.


I’m hoping to score some old colorful books to chop up for this.





Some old flatware to fashion flowers.



(link on Pinterest was bad, if you know where this came from let me know!)


This is one of the coolest projects ever and I think it would look awesome on my patio, but it might be a little ambitious.





Ya think I can find the parts to build a nightstand like this for son #1’s room?  Remember, he’s the practical one, so building furniture out of junk is right up his alley.




So that’s my list, for now.  Of course I’m always on the look-out for vintage cake plates and white ironstone. 


What’s on your wish list this year?


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6 thoughts on “Flea Market Inspiration

  1. What fun ideas! I cannot wait for better flea market weather. I have skipped out most of the winter on it because I just hate to go in the cold. This month, I will be there. (Lord willing)

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