Reinventing With White Paint


These are my weapons…


paint 014

And I’m not afraid to use them.


As you can see, I’d rather paint than clean off the island counter.


Do any of you dance around your house with a paint brush and swipe at EVERYTHING standing still? 


After living with and LOOVING my reinvented mantle for a week, I decided to keep going.


mantle 009

So I painted the wall shelves on either side of the mantle.


Here’s how they started.  (not sure why I picked these shelves to begin with, they really aren’t my style, so they must have been cheap)

mantle 003

Here’s how they look now.


paint 005

And a close up of the finish.

shelves 003

I used that term “finish”, loosely, because it’s the same as the mantle, flax as a base coat and then Old White dry brushed on top, nothing artistic or complicated. 

shelves 002

I think it looks kinda beachy, almost like weathered wood, but not really. 

As close as one can get clean lined modern black shelves to look like weathered wood.


Next up for my weapons and I?

That black hole under the TV.  The cabinet is going Old White.

See you soon!

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