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If there’s one thing you know about me, it’s that I will almost always buy some vintage, well-loved, or just plain old before new.


There is an exception to that rule, however.  Mattresses.


While we did accept a family hand-me-down mattress soon after we got married (that will be 22 years ago on June 14th!), that was a one time deal.


We will be in the market soon for a new mattress for our bed, so I thought I’d share some edumacation I received on choosing a mattress based on my preferred sleeping position.  Which is “start on your side, roll to your back while sleeping, wake yourself up snoring and roll back to your side.  Repeat.”


The following is a guest post written on this very topic!  How cool is that? 


mattress post



The position you sleep in is often a huge factor in regard to the quality of sleep you get. Since your sleeping position affects how well you sleep, it’s important to choose the right kind of mattress. Making the wrong choice can result in sleeplessness and discomfort, and many people often overlook their sleeping position when it comes to purchasing a new mattress or bed.

Dependent on what position you sleep in, different body parts will have direct contact with the mattress, whereas others will not. With that in mind, has compiled a list of tips to guide you when it comes to choosing the correct mattress for your style of sleep.





Back Sleepers:
Those who sleep on their back might notice that the curvature of the spine is more pronounced in this position. It’s important therefore to have good support for the lower back. Stiff mattresses should be avoided since they push against the spine as opposed to providing the curved support needed by those who sleep on their back. On the other end of the spectrum, it’s also advisable to avoid choosing a bed which is too soft, as it will simply be unable to provide an ample level of back and body support. Back sleepers should opt for a medium-firm mattress.

Side Sleepers:
Sleeping on your side means that your hips and shoulders are in greater direct contact with the mattress, and this can lead to a noticeable build-up of pressure on these body parts. Side sleepers should choose a bed which won’t put too much stress on the hips and shoulders – preferably one which will relieve pressure from these areas.
Memory foam mattresses are ideal for those who sleep on their side as they are generally softer, allowing the body to sink into the mattress. Softer beds will allow for easy accommodation of the natural curvature of the body while keeping the spine correctly aligned.

Front/Stomach Sleepers:
When sleeping on your stomach, the flattest area of the body comes into direct contact with the mattress. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to opt for a bed with a firm mattress. Choosing a soft or medium mattress could lead to suffering from backache, as the spine will take too much pressure as a result of the pelvis sinking into the bed. Those who sleep on their front should also take into consideration the elevation of their head and neck from pillows – too much could also cause neck ache.





Got any more mattress buying tips for me?  Please share in the comments!


(all pictures are from my new “Bedrooms” Pinterest board.  Follow along here.)


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13 thoughts on “Mattress Buying Tips

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  2. Happy anniversary for June 14th, wish you many years together, thanks for the sleeping information, I did not know so many tips about.
    I love your bedroom!

  3. The simplest advice really is to visit one of the bed showrooms where you can test the mattress and find the ‘right’ fit for you. Then you can shop around for the best deal on the right mattress – you would like to think it would be at the showroom you did the testing and often they rely on people being lazy and buying from them without looking around first and so charge a premium!

    As you say in your banner real people, real stuff, REAL BUDGETS. Don’t pay over the odds when you don’t have to the online discount furniture market now have retailers offering some great quality products at great prices.

  4. OMG..Looks like u may need a spamy filter on here?
    Anyhoo, We got a Sleep Number about 5 yrs ago. LOVE it! Its so spoiled us that its hard to sleep anywhere but home!
    Cant remember which bed we got, but it is a eastern king, for about 3k. We got the plush pillowtop I believe.
    I’ve heard people say that the Tempurpedic foam beds are too warm.
    A freind of mine was in the market for a new bed, and was looking at organic. I told her about the Sleep Number, and they got a Cali. King. Her hubby is at least 6ft. tall, and the dogs sleep with them so there is enough room…lol
    Anyhoo, hope u find what u like :)
    Gael Tino

  5. I appreciated the information on the kind of mattress to buy depending on which position you prefer to sleep in. I sleep on my back and my sides, so it sounds like I would need a mattress which is on the softer side but not too soft. The advice to use memory foam mattresses if you mostly sleep on your side was good information to know. Do you have any resources on specific mattresses to buy if you are someone who sleeps in different positions?

  6. Replacing mattress is really an exhausting proposition. Not only are there hundreds of models to choose from, but a big part of what makes a good one is very personal. I think we should always consider the basic factors like size, comfort, support, and durability when choosing a mattress.

  7. I love how you started out talking about mattress buying tips! It’s true that mattresses bought second-hand might not be the best for your sleep. I did really get a lot out of the part where you talked about positions that we sleep in and what kind of mattresses are best for each one. I am definitely a side sleeper, so I’ll have to look into options that have memory foam.

  8. Hi Kimm! I really enjoyed reading these mattress tips. I just bought one last week. I just searched for the online reviews and just by asking my friends of their recommendation. So far, I’m happy with my choice. :)

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